Made for fun.

Now for something completely different. We've taken everything we've learned in 6 years of building and running our booths and created The Spotlight, a new, compact, and powerful photo and boomerang making machine. It's known as an 'open booth', but there's no booth enclosure here: the Spotlight unit and 8ft backdrop work together to create a pop-up studio area in your venue, with the action all on show for everyone to enjoy. 

Modern, striking design.

With a bold but simple modern industrial design, and customisable backlit side windows, the Spotlight looks right at home at any event or venue, with any colour scheme or theme.

Touch-screen operation.

Users are guided through the process by the animated touch-screen, and see themselves on screen as they progress.

Beauty dish lighting.

The high-powered studio flash and beauty dish creates soft, quality light for flattering photos every time. It also serves to light up the whole photo booth area, meaning we can turn any space into an inviting and impactful photo studio experience.

Instant prints.

Your images are treated with your personalised graphics and effects as soon as they are taken, so even your instant prints look exceptional. We can print traditional photo strips, or larger postcard sized prints - whichever you prefer.

Sharing is caring.

On the reverse side, use the smaller screen to post your photos straight to Instagram and other social media, or even email them to yourself and your friends, right from the Spotlight itself.


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