More than photos.

If you're new to GIFs then you're in for a treat, these lively little animations are even more fun to make as they are to watch. If a picture paints a thousand words, a GIF is like your drunk mate who won't shut up.

GIFs for everyone.

We offer two types of GIFs ('Boomerang' and 'Photo') and everyone gets to make them if they want them. Every booth, every background, every package.

'Boomerang' GIFs.

Choose to make a Boomerang GIF and the booth will take a quick burst of photos, almost like a video. Then it quickly bounces them backwards and forwards, looping forever to create your final animated GIF.

Printable 'Photo' GIFs.

Take 2, 3, or 4 normal photos with your booth, and you'll find them automatically stitched together into a new, animated version of your individual photos, ready for sharing straight away. No effort required.


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